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To some extent this statement is very true “The online gaming causing inferiority in the children”. Today, one can easily found children nearby playing free online games on the web .It has now become one of the most common habits among children around the world. They are indeed the major target for the online gamers. It has been almost a decade since the online gaming has made its presence in every home via World Wide Web. Today there are hundreds of websites offering the free online games to millions of users across the globe. The online gaming is the big platform for many users to play multi player games at different levels. Some of the gaming experts quote that in the coming years the online gaming industry will be one of the biggest industries of the world, because of rapidly increasing number of users. Internet is growing like anything in the world, doesn’t matter where you live or stay, internet is always there.

The online games free on web offers plenty of fun and excitement to users, but at the same time it is one of the biggest addictions found among children these days. As per the latest surveys, there are many parents around the world complaining about online gaming addiction of their children. The school administration too released the concern for the children continuous exposure to free games online. One of school owner say’s “these days it is very difficult to stop children playing online games, because there are resources available everywhere. Now, even the mobile gaming devices and hand held gaming gadgets keep children intact in gaming”.  More or less parents are also held responsible for this addiction to some extent, because they are allowing their child to indulge in the habit of playing some of the best free games available online. Recently in a study found that the children from the age of 5 to 15 are very much addicted to the online games and have suffered by inferiority complex syndrome. The inferiority complex is caused by the lack of public or social appearance and living in very closed and separate environment.

These day’s parents are busy with their hectic working schedules and often both the parents are working, hence there is lack of attention towards the children. The school administration thinks that sending their child to a good school is not enough for the child’s proper growth. They need to take out time for their children and make them more friendly and social, so that they don’t hesitate much between the crowds. Nowadays, children are not getting attention from their parents and are living in lonely environment. So they find the online games a good way to live their own world of fantasies. Although there are fewer online games like escape games, strategy games and physics games, which are good for their mental development, but a continuous exposure to them will also have some side effects. Parents are highly requested to act as good friends for their children and try to involve their children in physical games or activities. Take them out often try to make them negotiate with others and make their friends by own. All such things will really help out children to become extrovert and superior by their nature and live a successful life out of their imaginary world.


Recently, there is introduced the brand new gaming portal for playing free online games. The free online games are the most popular search terms in the different search engines and every day millions of users across the world search for online games websites. There are many websites offering online games free to their users with a wide collection of exciting games. This new online portal for free online games will offer as many as more than hundreds of thrilling online games. The specialty of this portal is that it has games for very group and every age. Whether teens, adolescents, youths or adults every one can play and enjoy the games.

The major concern while playing the free online games is the functionality of the website. The online games websites are made of various java platforms with several of plug in’s and widgets that makes the functionality of such websites a bit complex. Most of the gaming website doesn’t respond because of the use of heavy java scripts and flash images. Some users are annoyed of heavy load time while playing the games online while some complaints of their computers getting on stand by while playing the online games. Also, there are huge complaints of transmission of viruses by such online games; although they are different matter and may cause by the network connections. All such hassles have made the experience of playing some of the best free games online a bit monotonous.

This newly launched gaming portal runs on the latest java platform and has plenty of additional plug ins to make the experience of paying online games free a memorable for each user. The gaming portal offers a great amount of functionality to the users and is compatible with various browsers and operating system. This newly launched games online  portal is quite unique not only for its quality of games with very less load time and buffering but also for the variety of the games offered. It has games under different categories; some of the popular categories are such as action games, strategy games, puzzle games, shooting games, arcade games and racing games. All the categories have different sorts of games with great animation and graphics to be loved by everyone. This fantastic portal also offers the wide range of multiplayer games options for the users to play multi player sports games such as soccer, NBA and wrestling etc.  Also it is been loaded with the exciting and funky games like shopping cart hero and bubble games etc.

These days, the users are having plenty of options for playing free online games, but every user want to have the best experience while playing games online. The online gaming industry also faces the competition from the other dedicated gaming modules such as Play Station, Xbox and Nintendo for example, but not every internet user can play the games in these expensive devices. In this scenario the online gaming has made a new revolution in the world of gaming with more and more users following it using it and loving it.

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