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Online gaming has become very much popular among the every age of audience. From children to adults everyone is addicted to free online games. Focus groups and research facilities suggest that one reason for this trend could be that these games offer good ways to reduce stress levels. One of the reasons for this addiction is that they are good stress removers and one can forget all sorts of stress while playing online games free on web. As per some studies and researches, it’s also mentioned that playing games online can improve the mental ability, thus empowering you to become more active in performing daily tasks.

That’s all about the fun and entertainment which the online games provide, but there is another aspect of these online games, which makes many parents worried about their children. They all are worried for their child’s excessive addition to gaming, which might have a negative impact on their mental abilities and also make them idle because of sitting for continuous hours.  Parents are concern for the heath related issues about their kids. They are getting obsessed, because of lack of physical exercises and improper dietary habits. They are spending more time in playing computer games online rather playing physical games. This addiction is causing low fitness levels for the kids and making them inactive in rest of the activities. To combat this addiction many experts suggest that it is the responsibility of the parents at home to prevent their Children form continuous exposure to online games, rather involve them on other fun related activities such as dancing, singing or painting art. Also the school must take care that the children’s are not spending time in playing games in the computer labs and restrict such resources that allows exposure to online gaming.

Apart from kids, the online games make addicted to the adults as well by offer variety of entertainment. There are hundreds of different types of games available in the web that can be enjoyed by adults and teenagers. It is been found that more than the kids the adults are addicted to such games. Most of the people in office jobs often play these online games to make themselves free and relaxed.

For playing free online games you don’t need to have a highly upgrade system. They are based on the flash platform and you can play them with basic system configurations. The experience of playing flash games will also depend on the bandwidth of your broadband connection. Nowadays there are various flash multiplayer games available with various add-ons and gaming options. Flash are applications that support small size graphics and animations. These days flash plug-ins are available in every browser or you can run them through add-on’s available by Firefox and other browsers. So, play online games just for fun and stress removal but not make them a habit.

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Internet is a world of new horizons and desires. It has made our life easy and interesting. Every time when you are sitting ideal, you can browse to World Wide Web and find some of the best things of your interest. It gives us entertainment, fun, knowledge and loads of information about everything in the world. Out of the numerous online offerings, a wide variety of free online games to be played in the leisure time is one. Although, these days gaming has became very much advanced and realistic. The gaming world has crossed the limits of virtual reality with the introduction of Hi- Tech gaming devices such as Play Station, X box and Nintendo to name a few, but not everyone is capable of owing such expensive instruments and play high definition games. For those who can’t afford much time and resources to play games on these gadgets the free online games is the best option left for them.

The online gaming was first introduced almost a decade ago when there were only fewer gaming websites offering some of the best free games online. But today, the online gaming industry has become a big empire and the numbers of online gamers are much more than those play on gaming devices as mentioned above. The major reason for this is the increasing number of internet users worldwide. Today, billions of people across the globe browse the internet for jobs, gaining information and simply for fun. The maximum number of online gamers is of the kids, who are highly addicted to this form of gaming, but also there are huge number of adults and adolescent gamers. The online games free of cost on internet attract every one whether male, female, young, adult, homemaker, businessman, student or anyone who browse the web. The idea of online gaming is to entertain users with the bunch of easy and simple games that can be played without specific system requirements. For playing online games, you don’t need special requirements in your computer like graphic card or a high end processor unlike pc games. With the simple system requirement and a good broadband connection you can immediately switch to games online.

There are many websites that offer various collections of free online games. Some of the popular online games are the action games such as star wars, delta force etc. The other types of popular games among kids are the shooting games and racing games, they offer great thrill and excitement. There are also some games which are meant for kids to make their brain sharp and active, such as puzzle games, and strategy games. These games are very helpful in mental development of kids and make their aptitude skills strong. Apart from these, there are some drawbacks of online games such as its addiction. Many parents complaints of addiction to online games of their kids, but if it is been monitored they can prevent their kids from this addiction. The purpose of online games is to make you relax and remove your stress levels and not to addict you.

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Technology evolution has brought in a new and happening life style for us. Gaming opportunities were so rare in the past; people born in the 80’s can still remember starting from Tetris to saving Mario from dying. But now the gaming experience has reached to another level. There are thousands of games available already and hundreds new being made every day. These games are always available in CD’s or PS. But in order to get these games we have to spend money and that same game can’t be played over and over again. In order to have more choices in games and even more fun we have now got free online games.

Internet has become the basic need nowadays and it has opened new doors of opportunity for everyone. We can meet people online, we can work and earn a living online, and we can find soul mates online and many other things. To have a great gaming experience people can get great number of free online games. Now the question arises that are there enough categories to choose from, because no two people like the same type of game. The answer is that there are so many games online that anybody can go crazy to choose one from them. And the good part is that if we do not have a partner to play with, then we can find the other online partners who make it a nice competition.

In free online games we can find the categories of action, adventure, fighting, racing, shooting game and so on. There are brain games for the intellectual crowd, bubble games for simple people, strategy games or difference finding games for the inquisitive sought. So there is a lot for everybody. No matter how much we play but still there would still be thousands of games which we have not yet laid our eyes on. It might be a change of feeling from buying out game CD’s without even knowing that how that game will turn out to be, and whether or not we are going to like it. If we are going for free online games then we can find the reviews and comments posted by other people who have already played that game and so we can make an informed decision, and there will be nothing to lose as we do not have to purchase the game every time. The categories of the game are further broken down age wise, which makes it easy to choose the game from; example games are available at all level, starting from preschool games, kids’ games, teen’s games, family games to cartoon games. We know that there is no age limit to have fun, and we have such a wide variety to choose from, then why wait.

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It is hard to predict future but what if I get stuck in a car with fire all around? It would be stupid of me to practically get into the situation to learn the path to get out of that situation. We all, at some point of life ask ourselves a ‘what if’ question and figures out a way to solve it. Escape games has made it possible to experience these situations virtually. These games put forth a challenge and it is not only about adventure but it makes us to use brains. We can find these games among other free online games. These games have certain objects or places hidden, which we have to explore if we want to escape the room. Escape game as the name suggests is about escaping from a place or a room, after finding some objects. These games are not as simple as shooting or bubble games, but are fun and adventurous.

These games make us use riddle solving techniques and tactics, where we have to figure out a way to escape certain place. Parents are now a day’s worried about the games that expose their children to violence and hatred. In most of the games these days blood shedding and killing is the way to provide adventure to the players. This is not the case with escape games these games require the player to take witty decisions. These games teach a simple rule of being calm in emergency situations and not to lose focus to make the right decision. Escape games provides us such situations which seems to be impossible to solve at first but the belief in ourselves can get us through anything. Unlike any other game, there is nobody to help you out, but through the clues you will successfully find your way out. These games are like strategy games which make us to use brains and strategically find our way to escape.  There is definitely a fear factor attached to these games as well, where there are conditions which normally might make you scared but virtually you get to face these challenges and win over them. We generally might as well face such situations in real life which the game offers us to experience and have a solution beforehand. These games demand focus and attention, which would enhance the ability of a person to focus in real life. Escape games are all about finding clues and connecting them and finding a way to escape, this process might enhance a meticulous nature in people to help them not overlook the little facts in life.

Games first might just seem as entertainment but in a longer run we can shape out to be the reflection of that game. We can play these escape games online. We can anytime have the experience of playing such witty games and there are unlimited situations that we can face, which would make us feel like an achiever of the freedom.

Best free online games with various features like upload avatar, save scores etc and a huge variety of games online like escape, physics, strategy and bubble games. For more info –