It is hard to predict future but what if I get stuck in a car with fire all around? It would be stupid of me to practically get into the situation to learn the path to get out of that situation. We all, at some point of life ask ourselves a ‘what if’ question and figures out a way to solve it. Escape games has made it possible to experience these situations virtually. These games put forth a challenge and it is not only about adventure but it makes us to use brains. We can find these games among other free online games. These games have certain objects or places hidden, which we have to explore if we want to escape the room. Escape game as the name suggests is about escaping from a place or a room, after finding some objects. These games are not as simple as shooting or bubble games, but are fun and adventurous.

These games make us use riddle solving techniques and tactics, where we have to figure out a way to escape certain place. Parents are now a day’s worried about the games that expose their children to violence and hatred. In most of the games these days blood shedding and killing is the way to provide adventure to the players. This is not the case with escape games these games require the player to take witty decisions. These games teach a simple rule of being calm in emergency situations and not to lose focus to make the right decision. Escape games provides us such situations which seems to be impossible to solve at first but the belief in ourselves can get us through anything. Unlike any other game, there is nobody to help you out, but through the clues you will successfully find your way out. These games are like strategy games which make us to use brains and strategically find our way to escape.  There is definitely a fear factor attached to these games as well, where there are conditions which normally might make you scared but virtually you get to face these challenges and win over them. We generally might as well face such situations in real life which the game offers us to experience and have a solution beforehand. These games demand focus and attention, which would enhance the ability of a person to focus in real life. Escape games are all about finding clues and connecting them and finding a way to escape, this process might enhance a meticulous nature in people to help them not overlook the little facts in life.

Games first might just seem as entertainment but in a longer run we can shape out to be the reflection of that game. We can play these escape games online. We can anytime have the experience of playing such witty games and there are unlimited situations that we can face, which would make us feel like an achiever of the freedom.

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