Today, there are plenty of entertainment options available for everyone. As technology is soaring newer heights, there are vivid forms of entertainments flourishing our lives with joy and excitement. Movies, music, television, sports are some of the popular entertainment mediums. As days are getting busier and life is getting stressful, everyone needs a handful of entertainment to get rid of stress. Video games and online games are some of the very effective stress removers. Earlier it was considered that video games are meant for kids, but these days seen adults are playing video games online more than the kids.

Talking about the games, there are now plenty of choices available to play games on TV, PC or in the web. Some of the crazy gamers love to play games on new age gaming devices such as Play Station, X Box, Nintendo and Wii. Though, these gaming devices are expensive, hence not possible for everyone to afford them. Also, playing games in gaming consoles require some hassles like connecting console to the television using data chords, adapter, installing game CD, remote controllers or joy stick and setup a high-fi sound system for an ultimate gaming experience. While on the other hand playing games on the web such as free online games is an easy job and doesn’t require huge setups or configurations unlike consoles.

Playing games in the gaming consoles is an ultimate experience as compared to playing on the web or PC. There are many factors that make gaming devices more enjoyable then pc games.  First thing that make them better is the size, as it does matter. Playing games online in big higher resolution television screen is much better than playing a game in the small size computer screen. Gaming consoles are heavily loaded with advance graphic cards and inbuilt processors for exotic gaming experience, where as online games free on web are small flash applications with very low graphics and limited features. Sometimes, poor broadband connectivity also hampers the experience of playing games online, where as no such problem exists in playing games on consoles.

There are some other factors that make playing some of the best free games online is a better experience then playing in gaming consoles. The first thing that gives n edge to online games is their availability. Mostly online games are available for free and anyone from anywhere can play them anytime. On the other hand, first you need to spend huge bugs on buying gaming consoles then again spend money on buying your favorite game CD ROMs. While on the web there are hundreds of different categories of games available such as shooting games, action games, puzzle games etc free of cost. So, decide what you love more to play free online game or an expensive console game.

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