Online games are fun to play as they offer great piece of fun and complete entertainment without paying a direct cost. Over the years there has seen a huge transformation in the development and progress of the online games. It was almost a decade since the online games free of cost are been made available for every user on the web. Though, the basic idea behind making online games is to attract more and more visitors on the website and make some money. Even though the online games are free but still the gaming websites makes huge amount of money by the way of advertisements. It means it ended up in a win-win situation for both the user and the gaming website.

The trend of online gaming seems to be flourishing with each and every day. There are now vivid varieties of online games that are available for the users to hang out and enjoy. Some of the best free games includes the strategy games and action games. Now, the game designers are smart enough to understand the taste of the online gamers. Earlier it was said that free online games are just meant for the kids, but these days found that more than the kids the adults spend more time playing games online.  And also, it was noticed the maximum number of adult online gamers arises from the office going or working professionals. Though, it’s the hard hitting fact that may not been liked by the employers, but it is also true. The office working professionals are been more addicted to the games online than others.

Some of the best free games that are found played in the offices have registered remarkable number of visitors over the years.  Even, now understanding the trend there are various gaming websites that offers dedicated games only for the office going professionals. These are the small flash games that can be played anywhere and without spending too much on them.   Some of the games like shooting games which are played by many office professionals are one good way to relive from the stress of heavy work load.  However, in many offices the office administration has blocked the majority of gaming websites because they believe that it is badly hampering the productivity of the organization, but there are also some employers who think different way and allowed such playing games online free in the offices.

As per the recent, survey conducted on the various office employees and it is been found that many employees believe that playing games in the office increases their productivity by reducing the stress levels. Also, there are the group of employed who believes that addiction to online games may be not good for the company. At, the end of the day employees gets paid for working in the office but not for playing games in the office.

Recently, the same debate is going on the allowing access of gaming websites in the school premises. But, many schools themselves allow their students to play games like physics games during the school hours in order to improve their skills. They give students a dedicated slot to play other games as well for fun like bubble games or other multiplayer games during the school timings.

Some employees wonder that if same can be done in the office openly then that will be great for both the employees and the employers. This things is now even been followed through many offices and well appreciated by the employees.

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